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PayManila.com is built for the Filipinos by Filipinos. PayManila relates to the plight of overseas workers in managing their money to secure their family back home and secure their earnings as well. PayManila also answers the call of the hardworking Filipinos here in Manila and make lives a little easier with our innovative services. We have tools so that you can easily calculate the US Dollar rates compared to the real buying power of the pesos.

PayManila.com caters to the needs of:

  • OFWs. With hard times people are facing here in Manila, there will always be emergencies to pay for food, medicine and other needs. If you cannot take care of your family back home personally, you can still help them meet deadlines of utility bills, re-load their mobile phones to keep you connected, pay for hospital bills or even ensure the baon of your brothers and sisters are well taken care of. We can do these things for you, and more. Just ask us! We will strive to look for solutions to send anything you want for your loved ones for you without worrying that your money is spent on something else.
  • Night owls. Are you stuck in a graveyard shift? Are you having problems completing tasks needed done in mornings, such as loading your mobile phones and paying the bills? You do not have to drag yourself up anymore just to pay for bills and buy load in the middle of your sleep. Now, you can sleep anytime of the day and be able to do these tasks even at night.
  • Busy Bees. Whether you are a homemaker juggling your day taking care of your kids and doing several chores at a time, or you are a professional stuck completing daily deadlines and attending never-ending meetings, you can now assign us to pay the bills for you with our innovative service, the PayBill.
  • Everybody else. Are you scheduled to pay the bills today or are you looking for a Loading center that does not require going to the nearest 7-11 or suking tindahan? If so, what will you do if you are not feeling well? What if you want to do something else? What if it is raining hard outside? What if you are just plain lazy? As a one-stop solution, PayManila is your best one-click-away answer to any of your problems.

We are not a Remittance Service

We are not a Remittance Service, but we can find ways for you to manage your funds easily. PayManila has a Teller standing by to address your needs, may it be letting PayManila pay for your Utility bills like water, electric or other petty things you can not do while you are away or busy.

We will gladly find ways for you, so please spread the word about PayManila. We also strongly emphasize that PayManila is not a Remittance service, nor a Payment processor. However, if you are in dire need of a remittance service or payment processor, we can point you to the right direction. Check out our blog that covers guides, work opportunities, news and stories to inspire you and your families.

Disclaimer: Paymanila.com is not a pay processor, we only give you services that you can’t do while you are away.
PayManila admin reserves the right to accept or refuse our services to any individual anytime. The decision of the PayManila admin is deemed final.

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